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At AVK we believe in promoting sensory experiences to hold sucessful events. With the power of audiovisual equipment, we can create unforgattable enviroments, stimulating the senses of the participantes, in the events.
We have the experience to sketch the designs of all the technical and scenic components of your event – and making your ideas a reality!
Video and images are the firts point of contact at an event. Where the first impact is transmitted, wich enhances the desired environment and communication....
Audio quality is critical to the clarity and sharpness of the event's sound.
Lighting is an artistic work that provides impact, emotion, intensity, shape and color, arousing unique feelings in the participants.
We have rigging projects that enhance the appropriate support to lighting, video and soud technologies, as welll as the sucess of your event.
We make it simple to add high-quality simultaneous interpretation audio to online, hybrid and live events, with remote or on-site interpretation.
Apresentação Audi Q8

Apresentação Audi Q8

March 2023
38º Campeonato Nacional SLB

38º Campeonato Nacional SLB

May 2023
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Jornada Mundial da Juventude

Jornada Mundial da Juventude

August 2023

November 2023
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